Welcome to Westside

Westside At Buttercup Creek is a residential community on the west side of Cedar Park, Texas consisting of two neighborhoods, Westside At Buttercup Creek and Westside Preserve.

Our community continues to grow with new homes by Ashton Woods Homes, Sitterle Homes and David Weekley Homes.

We are excited to announce we will once again be having National Night Out in our neighborhood!

National Night Out is a great way for residents in our community to get to know our local law enforcement officers. It will be hosted at the Kay Redden Park on October 6, 2015 at 6:00 PM. This will be a fun social event so bring out your whole family for burgers, hotdogs, and drinks!

We look forward to seeing you out there!

We are well into 2015 and starting to feel the joys of summer in Westside at Buttercup Creek. We have had some wonderful events, the pools opened on May 1st, and I hope you are ready to enjoy the summer and use of your facilities. To show your pride of living here I hope that you will also strive to make your personal property something to be proud of. Everyone’s effort individually, or lack thereof, impacts everyone around you and the subdivision as a whole.

I want to set forth some things we should all be aware of and focus on for this year and forward:

- In just a few months, our subdivision will be finished out with over 1,600 homes.  We will soon see all builder signs and model home signage’s disappear. Yes, we live in a nice big preferred subdivision in Cedar Park.  Our growth has been constant for the last approximately 20 years.  That speaks volumes as to the value of our area and our subdivision specifically.  However, we are a mature subdivision now, and aside from the excellent long standing of quality maintenance, we are at a point that some of the original brilliance attracting our tenured members has lost its shine.  What that means is that to keep that sparkle we are at a point that some re-investment in infrastructure and décor is now necessary.  You will be seeing some tree planting, park renovation, gazebo repairs, flag pole and spot light repairs, replacement fencing around the Fall Creek Park, possible flower bed and shrub improvements. You should also notice that the Lakeline pool has been resurfaced, and the Kay Redden pool has had the dolphins and the splash pad resurfaced.

- A common concern expressed by the residents north of Buttercup is the difference of the median mowing and maintenance compared to the lower part of Lakeline back to Cypress Creek. All of Lakeline is actually the responsibility of Cedar Park, but in the early launch of the subdivision, the city and developer really dressed up the lower section. This included significant trees and shrubs, and a sprinkler system. Subsequent to that, the city mowing was only once a month, so either the HOA or the developer negotiated with the city to take over the maintenance and water bills, with the city paying the HOA their charge for the once a month mowing. The northern end of Lakeline did not have the luxury of the initial investment and is currently being mowed by the city once a month. We will be striving to bring the northern end of Lakeline up to the end of WBC into a comparable agreement. Hopefully we will be successful in negotiating a sprinkler system and some trees as well, but the primary objective will be to pick up the mowing schedule to match lower Lakeline. I would also like to see another traffic light installed at the corner of Nelson Ranch and Lakeline.

- Although we have been blessed with above average rainfall so far this year, most of it has not impacted Lake Travis (our water reserve), so it looks like another year of the higher water rates, and restricted watering cycles. Be sure you adhere to your schedule. City watering fines will be assessed. Go to Cedar Park Watering Schedule to find your specific watering schedule.

- Considering the limitations of watering, as you spiff up your properties with plants and flower gardens, talk with those in the know about those plants most likely to survive in our dry Texas heat – the native Texas plants. If you are going to be really ambitious, be sure to pass your plans through the HOA Modifications Committee, before you start. There are HOA and City of Cedar Park limitations to consider.

- The last few years we have seen an increase in notices and assessments in our bi-monthly drive by inspections through WBC. We do this in the interest of the whole of the subdivision and the protection of all our property values. It is imperative, that we each do our part to keep our properties at their best. This year there is going to be another problem for many of us to deal with. All the sidewalks are city property, and subject to city codes. We are seeing many homes where the plants around the utility areas in our front yards are encroaching on the sidewalk. We expect to see some citations to homeowners to have those cleared. So realize, as beautiful and kept as you might think they are, they cannot infringe on foot traffic on the sidewalk. I recommend that we all make our personal property assessments and be in charge of correcting that problem.

- An important development regarding the quarry operations has taken place this last year. For those unaware, the quarry has been owned by the city of Austin, with the quarry operations being done through a long term lease, by a company called Ranger. As it stood, the renewal of the lease was not at the option of Austin, but by Ranger’s choice. Hence this operation has gone on and on since my moving here 16 years ago. This past year, Cedar Park was successful in purchasing the quarry from Austin, however, to do so Cedar Park had to jump through some hoops to avoid an open market bid. The net solution was a separate contract with Ranger by the city of Cedar Park, extending the contract for several years, but providing for annual reduction in operations, limited blasting periods and reduction of same, along with some filling in of deep areas and a specific end date of 2021. This is important from many factors . . . the first of which will be improved living conditions in WBC from reduced operations, and also some additional road construction to deal with all the traffic passing through WBC as commuting traffic for work. Currently the majority of commuters from Lago Vista, Jonestown, Crystal Falls, and Leander come down Lakeline. Cedar Park has reported currently 23,000 cars a day make this trek and it is only going to get worse.

- Your Board is always striving to improve, not just maintain WBC. The success of our efforts depends on the people of the HOA being involved and complying with the restrictions and covenants. We have several committee’s set up to help us in this endeavor. Go to Westside HOA Board and Committee to see your representatives in WBCHOA and join us.

I hope you all have a blessed summer and that living in WBC makes you feel like this is your home. I hope to meet some of you at the pools or within WBC on my many walks and rides throughout subdivision.

Walter R. Conlin, Jr.
Westside at Buttercup Creek HOA

The City of Cedar Park is under mandatory watering restrictions. For more information, visit the city's website located here.